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Retail Cleaning Services with Low Fare

In order to preserve their appearance, commercial facilities such as retail centers, grocery stores, restaurants and conference centers need a great deal of routine upkeep. As owners of these centers know, consumers tend to visit establishments that can promote their standard of service through cleanliness. Therefore, running your company to the highest of standards is imperative. If your company needs regular cleaning that is beyond the ability of your working group, consider hiring a cleaning service such as the one provided by Low Fare.

Low Fare provides commercial cleaning services for any form of company. Our teams are well qualified in all facets of safety regulations and government sanitation requirements when it comes to commercial and industrial cleaning. As the owner or manager of a retail enterprise, you understand the work that goes into compliance with these requirements, which is why you expect the very best from your cleaning company.

Our business operates in the GTA and York areas, concentrating on offices, restaurants, banks, hotels, and a number of commercial and manufacturing enterprises. Despite the size of the area, we ensure that our customers are pleased with the highest quality cleaning service. Here is what Low Fare has brought to the retail institution today:

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A wide range of services

Our teams are well qualified on practically any form of job you can ask for. We provide a wide variety of services across all establishmnts, such as: window cleaning, restroom cleaning, carpet washing, floor waxing, sanitation, mold removal and remediation, power washing, steam cleaning and a wide range of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. With over 20 years of experience in commercial cleaning around the GTA, we are one of the most professional and trusted choices available.


Excellent customer service

Our agency takes the time to provide clients with the importance of customer service that is synonymous with quality. We will take the time to listen to every nuance of your requirements and do our best to provide a service that satisfies your standards and goes beyond them.

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Flexible Cleaning hours

As we do not want to get in the way of your businesses’ functioning, we provide nightly, before or after hour cleaning services. We make the cleaning process as smooth as possible and follow your time arrangements and standards.


Full, extensive mall and convention centre cleaning services

While many firms are fearful of taking on large-scale ventures, we are not leaving a burden behind. Our mall cleaning service takes every part of the mall into account to allow your fine establishment to be the exact type of place where people love to gather. From floors to restrooms, our cleaning procedure entails everything, and our workers use only the right tools for the job.

Technologically advanced methods

Our industrial cleaners are fitted with the most effective equipment, reducing the optimal outcomes in time and expense. As we aim for ever greater productivity, in the sophisticated needs of your establishment, we remain up to date. Enable us according to your preferences, to ensure that your commercial room is properly cleaned.



Environmentally friendly practices

Reduce the environmental footprint of your establishment and engage a cleaning firm that is aware of activities that contribute to pollution, excess run-off and chemical residue. In every aspect of our task, our business aims to be "green," from the materials we use to sanitize your establishment, to the amount of water that is used in the process.

An absolute, systematic cleaning and sanitation of commercial and industrial areas is provided by Low Fare. We take the time to ensure that all facets of the cleaning process and the outcomes are up to federal standards, and our professionally trained teams are well versed in all aspects of cleaning, from safety standards to environmental expectations.

Compared to the volume of the services that our teams can offer to your company, the short overview above is merely a portion. With our utilities, exceptional customer service, affordable pricing, you will keep your company as clean as possible. Low Fare teams do everything to help their customers realize their visions of cleanliness with their wide range of cleaning methods and flexible schedules.

Our customers have always been the main focus of our company, which is why Low Fare is a brand synonymous with the vibrant, shiny service we aim to deliver. In turn, we make sure that the most you can give to your clients is your establishment.

You can also visit our website further to get more details about our services and specialty cleaning.

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