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High-Standard Restaurant Cleaning Services

If you own a restaurant in Toronto, then you are well aware of the difficulty of keeping pristine cleanliness. It is also quite important to make a good first impression on your customers. These two points are well connected and depend on one another. Low Fare will help you maintaining both points with its wide range of restaurant cleaning services which will brighten up the entire space. Our team specializes in cleaning kitchens, restrooms, equipment, and floors, and we also offer complete steam cleaning and disinfection of premises at a very competitive price. You can have a look at our full list of services on our website or keep reading for a short overview with our offers.

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to attract new customers, which is why keeping your restaurant clean is so important. Low Fare offers high quality restaurant cleaning services that will enable your establishment to make a good first impression on your customers.


Efficient, Timely Service

 Low Fare forms flexible schedules for its customers, plans an individual timetable highlighting the convenient working hours for the clients offering before and after-hours cleaning services as well.


Our team offers cleaning services throughout the GTA and York Region. We have a big experience in cleaning offices, restaurants, banks, hotels as well as various commercial and industrial businesses, and our staff is well equipped to maintain the hygiene standards required by food handling establishments. Below is what we can offer for your restaurant and kitchen:


Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is one of the most eco-friendly services. If your company tends to accumulate dust, food, dried dirt in general then this type of cleaning method is the most efficient one. We use heated steam to break down the bonds between trapped grime. The process is free of chemicals as we use only heated water. This is a great option for the areas that need to be kept sanitized without the addition of potentially harmful chemicals.

In the Kitchen

Kitchen Cleaning

In order to keep your kitchen area sparkling clean our teams are equipped with the latest tools in the business. Our company is focused on eco-friendly working methods and uses such products and tools that have no potential negative impact on the environment. Moreover, during the cleaning process, we conserve as much water as possible working without producing toxic residue.


Restroom Cleaning

Giving a positive impression on your clients entails your establishment's restrooms, which need constant, regular upkeep when they are used by visitors. To ensure the cleanliness of your area over the length of our services, our cleaners make it their top priority, sanitizing every inch of your building.

Interior of Restaurant

Floor Waxing and Carpet Washing

The first thing that many clients have an eye on is a shiny surface, and spills and frequent wear sometimes prevents restaurant floors from looking their best. Our business provides waxing, steam washing of your carpets and waxing of your floors using only the latest services and materials.


Region- Wide Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Services


 Low Fare cleans restaurants all over the Greater Toronto Area including North York, Vaughan Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Newmarket, Aurora, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara region and much more.

You can call Low Fare for a no-obligation quote today. Our cleaning staff can visit your place and support you in a cost-effective manner to accomplish your objectives.

This short overview described a portion of the pack of all services we offer. With the help of Low Fare, you will maintain your restaurant in a fresh and clean condition. Our team is detail-oriented, offers affordable price range and has an excellent customer care. Our clients easily realize their visions of cleanliness with the broad spectrum of methods, tools and with the individual service we offer.



 Low Fare is a name synonymous with the bright, shiny quality we strive to offer, and our focus has always been our clients. We ensure that your business is the best you can offer to your customers.

The Low Fare is a brand that stands for the bright and shiny quality it aims to deliver, with its focus on the customer care, eco-friendliness and high-level standards.

Keep your restaurant and kitchen clean by calling Low Fare today!

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