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Maintain Your Plant’s Standards with Low Fare Commercial Cleaning

Your company must keep the strictest quality control standards that have been set for sanitation and cleaning services. Low Fare Commercial Cleaning realizes that keeping that on your own can be hard, as owners of food plants need to take adequate steps for the proper control of the pests and bacteria with the necessary continuity of disinfection and sanitation.

This is where we come to the rescue. Low Fare Commercial Cleaning is a cleaning company, which differs from the rest of the cleaning companies with its detail-orientation. With more than twenty years of experience, we can offer high professionalism in sanitation, safety standards and customer requirements.


Here is what we can offer your business:

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Fully trained and licensed employees

To ensure the safety of your plants while the cleaning process, Low Fare Commercial Cleaning choose teams that are fully trained and licensed in accordance with the latest government standards and adhere to very strict quality control and sanitation procedures. Our teams guarantee high quality and maximization of customer service.



Excellent safety standards

Due to years of effective work, our reputation stays as the most efficient, safe and reliable company. All of our teams have passed multiple trainings to comply with the strictest safety rules during the cleaning process.

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Technologically advanced methods

Our skilled cleaners are equipped with the newest and innovative technology to reduce the time and cost of the required results. We always strive to surpass the expected results and provide greater efficiency, and we are always aware of the complex needs of your business and ready to proudly overcome them. Let us provide professional cleaning for your food plant, by following all your requirements.



Environmentally friendly practices

Reduce your plant's environmental footprint and hire a cleaning company that closely monitors activities that lead to pollution, excess runoff and chemical residues. Our company’s goal is to first of all be eco-friendly in all aspects of our work, starting from the chemicals we utilize to disinfect your food plant, and finishing with the amount of water used in the cleaning process.

Before and after hours services

We value the work of each of our clients and always try not to disturb their working time with our cleaning services. In addition, all this is done by simply offering night services and cleaning before and after hours, our company is actively trying to make your life as well as your company's work easier.


You can prepare for your next CFIA, HACCP or Client Audit with us! Our comprehensive food cleaning services offered throughout the GTA and York Region are always available. We offer in-depth sanitation, mold removal, tank and equipment cleaning, ceiling cleaning, floor cleaning, steam cleaning, cold store cleaning, CIP foaming, sanitary fogging, oven cleaning, and much more. If this is what you are looking for, call us today to see how we can satisfy your needs!


Low Fare Commercial Cleaning is committed to its customers and with an excellent work makes the clients always come back to it. This short overview was just a small part of the services that our teams can offer your company.

Keeping your establishment clean is first of all your success’s biggest part, which you can achieve with our services, excellent customer service, competitive pricing and attention to detail.

All Low Fare cleaning services are intended to help its clients easily achieve their cleanliness imaginations, which is why we offer before and after closure planning, with a wide range of cleaning methods and environmentally friendly services. Our company has always been focused on specific customers' needs, which is why the name Low Fare is synonymous with the vibrant, brilliant quality that we strive to offer.

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