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Whether you're looking for a reputable apartment and condominium cleaning corporation to help lighten the pressure that cleaning puts on your staff, or just to get better results, you're in the right spot. If you want your company to remain professional and hygienic, the MCA Group would be your best bet. We provide construction management services to large and small organizations throughout the GTA and much of Southern Ontario. Our business specializes in: dusting, vacuuming, sanitation, window washing, power cleaning, steam cleaning, etc. We take the cleaning load off yours and your workers’ shoulders, helping you to benefit without a hassle of a clean and pleasant workplace.

Why Opt for Building Cleaning Services in Toronto?

 A clean and soothing workplace climate promotes efficiency and motivates the staff to work harder. It also impresses and leaves your clients with a positive picture of your workplace. If you're just sanitating the environment to conform with sanitation standards, you're obviously not doing well enough. This indicates the massive disparity between hand-cleaning and hiring a professional cleaning service. In Toronto or the surrounding areas, a building maintenance service may give you several advantages such as improved performance, higher satisfaction, better working conditions, and consistent efficiency.  


Excellent Services and Results

LOWFARE COMMERCIAL MAINTENANCE Group specializes in a wide spectrum of workplace sanitation. We provide facilities such as dusting and washing of surfaces, floor and window cleaning, bathroom and kitchen sanitizing and more. Our wide range of corporate cleaning services are carried out by reliable experts with years of cleaning experience. Our teams work actively, aiming to surpass the standards of every customer.

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Cleaners from the LOWFARE COMMERCIAL MAINTENANCE are perfectly aware of all the nuances to do their job properly, and to fulfill the expectations of your company.


Our company operates with


business owners to provide them with personalized building maintenance services specific to their budget, deadlines and needs. We take time to carry out all operations up to quality using the newest materials and cleaning technology.


Our excellent facilities are not only effective but also environmentally sustainable. To provide organizations with green services that are not harmful to their wellbeing, we use the latest in health and environmentally sustainable technology. We take pride in our views on the environment and aim to reduce pollution and chemical waste disposal.

Superior Corporate Cleaning Rates

Cleaning firms should only charge as much as their services are worth. We provide some of the most attractive price range for building maintenance in the GTA and offer quite affordable services. Meanwhile, LOWFARE COMMERCIAL MAINTENANCE understands that only high-level services are not enough to receive maximum support from your company. To do so, we provide consumers with a free estimate and a flexible contract. Clients are often given the ability to get a 5% undercut over each operating cleaning firm.


Our company will work with you arranging a flexible schedule, a budget plan to fulfill your needs. We are committed to delivering cost-effective janitorial services to business owners in the GTA. We guarantee consistency and deliver outstanding results. By emphasizing on the cost-effective component and quality of our building maintenance operation, the LOWFARE COMMERCIAL MAINTENANCE never fails to meet the specific needs of each client.

So instead of wondering whether your janitor is really doing the job and whether or not your premises are presentable before a substantial visit from a customer, why not call the LOWFARE COMMERCIAL MAINTENANCE? We have a big team of reliable and skilled cleaners to suit your office cleaning needs. We serve all of Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Woodbridge, Oakville, Scarborough, Markham, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Newmarket, Brampton, Oakville and the remainder of Southern Ontario.

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